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Madison paige is one of the four playable characters (the other 3 being ethan mars, norman jayden, and scott shelby) and one of the three main protagonists in heavy rain. Origami tobiichi (sometimes) miku izayoi (sometimes) kaguya and yuzuru yamai reine murasame tohka yatogami (sometimes) mana takamiya (sometimes) natsumi nia honjou mukuro hoshimiya powers / skills high intelligence archangel zafkiel spacequakes chronokinesis teleportation flight shutdown immortality multiplication shadow metabolism. A posthumous background antagonist in spiral and the overall main antagonist of the franchise.

A Posthumous Background Antagonist In Spiral And The Overall Main Antagonist Of The Franchise.

He is a rich playboy and the son of millionaire charles kramer. Madison is a young journalist living alone in the city. Ethan mars madison paige captain leighton perry enemies origami killer carter blake scott shelby jackson neville type of hero no information norman jayden is one of the four protagonists in video game, heavy rain.

I've Already Used Jack In This Series Back In Season One In An Ehhh Battle Against The Zodiac Killer , And Figured Since It's Been Four Years That I Could Put Out A Better Battle With Him In It.

He was assigned to work with fbi agent norman jayden in tracking down the origami killer. He is an fbi agent who is sent to help the police force in catching the origami killer. The virus detector at first seems to be a helping robot in the restaurant, fixing lights, using giant.

The Most Negative Sees Madison And Shaun Dead, Norman Overdosing On Triptocaine Over The Guilt Of Not Saving Shaun, And Ethan Being Successfully Framed As The Origami Killer By Blake, While Scott Escapes And Remains At Large If Lauren Died.

She serves as a major antagonist initially and the main antagonist in volumes 10 and 11, tobiichi angel and tobiichi devil, as well as the second half of the third season of the date a live anime, date a live iii. Biography he comes under investigation by scott shelby as the possible true identity of the origami killer. He serves as the primary antagonist of saw, saw ii, saw iii, and saw iv, the posthumous overarching antagonist of saw v, saw vi, saw 3d and jigsaw.

He Is The Deuteragonist To Norman Jayden, Although, He Is Also One Of The Two Secondary Antagonists In Heavy Rain Alongside Charles Kramer.

As such, there can be intense friction between blake and jayden, who insists that blake's suspects do not fit the. Sheppard afterward, but given his age and alcoholism, it is possible he has passed away by the game's present time in 2011. She makes important roles in scott shelby 's chapters and she tries to work with him to find out who the origami killer is.

Internet Phenomena And Cultural Influence Slender Man Goes Tentacle To Toe With London Serial Killer Jack The Ripper.

They are also richard afton's right hand. Gordi kramer is a major antagonist in videogame heavy rain. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, it's time to have some fun, meaning that you're going to die.the virus detector taunting the night guard the virus detector is the secondary antagonist of fnaf 13, serving as the helping tablet for the night guard.

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